BBC NEWS | Middle East | Islamic Jihad claims W Bank blast:Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad says a suicide bomber who killed two Palestinians and an Israeli soldier on Thursday was one of its members. The claim for the attack on an army checkpoint close to the West Bank town of Tulkarm was broadcast on loudhailers in the nearby village of Attil. It said the bomber was Suhaib Ibrahim Ajami, 19, a member of Islamic Jihad's military wing, the al-Quds Brigades. In November, an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber killed five Israelis in Netanya. The bomber was also from a village close to Tulkarm, one of the group's strongholds. Islamic Jihad has never agreed to the informal truce with Israel observed by the main Palestinian militant group Hamas, and is committed to Israel's destruction. Technorati tags: Israel, Islamic Jihad After seeing Speilberg's Munich the continued violence in this area only makes me more sad. Killing only leads to more killing it will never lead to peace. Now these groups may be committed to Israels's destruction but I only wish that they would realize that you are not going to accomplish what you seek. I'm not saying the Israel government is innocent in this matter either, their treatment of the Palestinians has been oppressive. It's just sad that both sides seem to want to destroy each other until there is no more to destroy. One day they may get their wish if this keeps up. I also blame the United States for vetoing UN resolutions in the past that would have actually brought peace to the area and probably created two states. In the past the US also rejected deals from Sadat and Egypt that could have brought peace to the region.