Independent Online Edition > Americas:The White House, unlike Windsor Castle, was not ravaged by fire last year, nor did it witness any family disaster to match the divorce of Charles and Diana. But just as surely as 1992 was the annus horribilis for Queen Elizabeth II, 2005 gained the same dismal distinction for George W Bush. For the 43rd American president, it was proof that Murphy's Law operates in politics as in every other walk of life. There were the unforeseeable "events" of which Harold Macmillan used to warn - in this case Hurricane Katrina, and the faults in the Federal Government, as well as the Bush weakness for cronyism, that it exposed. The President's fatuous encomium to the hopelessly incompetent manager of the Federal Emergency Management Agency - "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job" - will surely go down as the quote of the year. Technorati tags: Bush Regime See, this is why I get most of my news from the BBC, Indymedia, The Guradian, and The Independent. With the exception of Indymedia the others are not the best papers ( they still follow a somewhat corpratist line ) but they do a better job than many American newspapers. I would like to eventually see the Indymedia movement really take off however.