One America Committee: Blog:As you know, Senator Edwards has teamed up with labor unions and advocacy groups such as ACORN in an effort to increase the minimum wage in states across the country. Steve Benen, discussing a recent Boston Globe article, looks at the success of minimum wage initiatives in Nevada and Florida and asks whether the issue might expand support for the Democratic Party:

“To be sure, the issue has all the makings of a perfect wedge issue for Democrats. The polls tend to be one sided, Republicans are put on the defensive, and working-class families who may find the right’s social conservatism appealing nevertheless want to see a little more money in their pocket.

The trick seems to be getting voters to connect the issue to the party that represents their economic interests.”Technorati tags: , ,

Raising the minimum wage and also advocating for a living wage should be a major issue that the Democrats latch on to. Unfortunatley, I do not think the establishment of the party will do that. But I commend Edwards on his decision to take this fight on.

The best effort i've seen to raise the minimum wage and fight for a living wage has been done by the Working Families Party here in New York. They fought for the wage increase which just went into effect this year, and in Rockland County Tom Stoner is fighting for the living wage.

At first I did not like the fact that they endorsed Nick Spano over Andrea Stewart-Cousins to help push through the minimum wage increase in 2004, but I understand why they did it. Now you have something like 700,000 working people who will benefit from the increase. It would not have been passed last year in a Republican majority state senate if they were to endorse the Democrat unfortunatley. I will say that the WFP has done great work to influence both parties to do progressive things that they normally would not care to take on.