Just happened to be checking my rss feed for Americablog and they had this post up displaying two of the new ads done by the ACLU comparing Bush to Richard Nixon. The ads are pretty plain and simple, but the message gets right to the point. That point is one did not get away with lying and covering up, why should the other? Also, after allot of reading ( which I always do lol ) I have come to believe that Watergate was not the worst offense that Nixon committed. I think COINTELPRO was much more worse. The reason he got impeached for Watergate was because the corporate interests have their money in the Democratic Party as well. When he decided to mess with the Democratic HQ that was the line he should not have crossed. It's interesting how corporate interests, the shadow government ( or the real government ) influence things. With Vietnam they actually turned on Nixon by allowing coverage in the corporate owned ( still is ) mainstream media of the protestors and dissenters of the Vietnam War. I can only guess that corporate America has probably sucked everything they can out of Bush and are now ready to kick him to the side.

Is there anymore money for them to make with Bush? I think there is still some things that Bush can and will do for corporate America. The Iraq War just like the Vietnam War, now presents a problem for corporate America. The military-industrial complex sent John Murtha to say enough is enough. There's no more money to be made in Iraq. The oil lines are now in US hands etc. Right now tremendous amounts of manpower and money is being expended and it's hurting the bottom line. It's probably also hurting the military. There are a small number of companies like KBR ( oil and oil service companies, private security companies, architecture firms, engineeering firms, and a few more ) who can still make money but not enough of the elitists are getting a slice of the pie. I think many of them are saying it's time that the empire pull out most of the troops and leave behind whomever they will to watch  their interests in the area. After all, the elites would rather have the government spending on corporate welfare instead of Iraq now.

What will be the future of Iraq when the majority of troops have left? Right now I think it can go a number of ways. They might be able to establish some sort of government ( I do not think it will be a democracy entirely ) or there could be a civil war. Or worse, another country or non-state based group ( or Al-Qaeda that's already there ) can come in unite a majority, stage a coup against the Iraqi government, and take over. Truthfully, I don't even think the US would care just so long as their oil and other interests are secure in the region. They might even strike a deal with whoever were to take over. If you ever remember one thing remember this, the United States is an empire. It acts not for spreading freedom and helping the world. It acts only if those things are in the interest of the empire. Just ask yourself why Iraq and not Sudan? Why Iraq and not North Korea? I'll tell you why not North Korea it's because they can actually fight back a lot harder. As for Sudan there's nothing that the empire wants. Even the "founding fathers" favored the rule of the few over the many for the most part.

The pentagon system of economic planning has already had one war to generate enough weapons and money for a while. It's like when a Republican Senator told Truman if he wanted to keep the US on a war footing after WWII ( the pentagon system ) he was going to have to scare the hell out of the American people so that they would support it. Truman and those who followed had their Cold War and Communism, we now have the "war on terror". The defense department budget will never shrink even after the majority of US troops leave Iraq. They have the excuse of the "war on terror" to keep on with the plan. Will there be another invasion soon? I'm not so sure if Bush will want to do that. I do think that whoever the next President is, that there might possibly be another military action in store for the country however.

Yes I'm ranting a little, sometimes I just let my thoughts run and my fingers do the typing. But I am  tired of all this Wilsonian new freedom stuff...