The Chicago Sun Times has this piece on the top corporate scandals of 2005. In it are your regular corrupt favorites like Enron, Tyco, and Adelphi.

Here's a sample of a company that you may not know about :


Cendant: Former Cendant Corp. Vice Chairmen E. Kirk Shelton was convicted in January of conspiracy and securities, wire and mail fraud. He was sentenced on Aug. 3 to 10 years in prison, and ordered to pay full restitution for his role in an accounting scandal that cost investors and the company more than $3 billion. Shelton was ordered to pay $3.27 billion to Cendant including an initial ''lump sum'' payment of $15 million last month. Shelton delivered cash, company stock and company-funded insurance policies, a combination that Cendant said is at least $2.4 million short and fluctuates daily. Shelton stood trial with former Cendant Chairman Walter Forbes, whose case ended in a mistrial and will be retried.


The sad thing is how the rich and elite are often the most greedy. I shed no tears for Mr. Shelton or Mr. Forbes. Matter of fact I shed no tears for any executive from any company who puts profit maximization above it's workers and then steals on top of it. What Enron did to all their workers by locking them out of their pensions while the stock took a nose dive was plain evil. Meanwhile Lay, Fastow, Skilling,  and gang sold all their shares. I mean I could go about Enron about the fact that they cheered as the roaming blackouts in Calforina left people without electricity. They would actually call companies and tell them to shut the power off! The trusts need regulation again for their own good, for crying out loud.

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