The coming of age of citizen media from Guardian Unlimited: News blog:On new year's eve 2004, software engineer and blogger Bala Pitchandi was sitting at his computer in his New Jersey apartment. Around him, a party was going on. He got up briefly to toast in the new year, then sat down to continue his work. He wasn't under the thumb of a scroogelike employer, but volunteering his time for a blog that turned into a global phenomenon. When the Indian Ocean tsunami hit on December 26 2004 the mainstream media was largely caught on the hop. It was Christmas, when many newsrooms were staffed with skeleton teams, and few western media outlets had foreign correspondents already in position to report on the disaster. It is a good post about how the people can now participate in open source media. I'm a big supporter of citizen journalism and the fact that the people have to take back the media from corporate interests. It's not only the blogosphere that's doing this good work. Sites like Indymedia also deserve attention and support.