I was happy to read in the NY Times that California Governor ( for now ) Arnold Schwarzenegger's hometown of Graz has decided to remove his name from a stadium after he failed to stop the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams.


The 15,000-seat stadium had been named after Mr. Schwarzenegger in 1997 as an act of both self-promotion and fealty toward the poor farmer's son and international celebrity who has always identified Graz as his native place.

But when Mr. Schwarzenegger declined to commute Mr. Williams's death penalty, the reaction was swift and angry in Graz, which, like most places in Europe, sees the death penalty as a medieval atrocity.

"I submitted a petition to the City Council to remove his name from the stadium, and to take away his status as an honorary citizen," Sigrid Binder, the leader of the Green Party, said in a recent interview. "The petition was accepted by a majority on the council."

Before a formal vote was taken on the petition, however, Mr. Schwarzenegger made a kind of pre-emptive strike, writing a letter to Siegfried Nagl, the town's conservative mayor, withdrawing Graz's right to use his name in association with the stadium. There will be other death penalty decisions ahead, Mr. Schwarzenegger wrote, and so he decided to spare the responsible politicians of Graz further concern.


Now if only people would stop watching his movies. Did I mention that people should really look into Phil Angelidies campaign to replace the actor who can't even play the role of Governor the right way.

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