Two of us from brooklyn went to Freeport. We got to the Home Depot around 8:15am. There were about 8 Minutemen. White, mostly men. 2 of them were younger than 40 I would say. There were about 35 of us. The Freeport Community Worklink Center (a self-organized migrant group) and Jobs for Justice were there with signs and handouts. I saw someone with a "Workers World" paper. Most of the people on our side were male day laborers, from Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras, they said. Only about 5 of us weren't.

The minutemen stood on the sidewalk by the Home Depot with a "don't tread on me" flag, signs that said "Its not about brown or white, its about wrong or right", "secure our borders", "no illegals" etc. Maybe there were 9.

We stood about 10 yards from there on the same sidewalk with our banners and signs. There were 2 or
three TV stations there. a bit confused at it all. About 15 cops. It was cold. We chanted. Without good rhythm. People honked. But noone could tell who they were honking for, since we were both so close. There was
no confrontation. In fact, when we started taking their pictures, they made playful comments like "get my good side."

Overall, it went pretty well. And we heard the same around the country - Minutemen outnumbered 4 to 1 by a multiracial gathering of immigrants rights supporters.

Hopefully, we can move beyond reacing to minutemen and start projecting a protective politics against the militarization of the border, the criminalization of immigrants, and for freedom of movement

Around the country:

We heard that there the Farmingville minutemen rally was cancelled,
because there was so few minutemen, and so many immigrant rights supporters.

Minutemen Shut down in Southern California:

Schooled in San Diego


Herndon, virginia:

Laguna beach, ca: