VICTORY DANCE (and fundraising) PARTY
Friday, Feb. 24, 8:30 p.m.
TIME'S UP! Space, 49 E. Houston (between Mott & Mulberry)
Suggested Donation: $5
Music, dancing, mingling and yummy free stuff to eat.
Come celebrate our recent court victory (see above) and help us raise
money for a new space.


VICTORY DANCE PARTY at TIME'S UP! Space starting at 8:30pm
THIS FRIDAY after Critical Mass (7pm Union Square and elsewhere)

On Tuesday 2/14/06, Judge Stallman ruled in favor of TIME'S UP! and denied
the City's request for an injuction on all of the following counts:

1) Denied the request that over 20 people assembling in the park need a
permit, 2) Denied request that TIME'S UP! can not advertise or promote an
event or action that the City deems illegal; 3) Denied request that
bicyclists riding in a group, such as Critical Mass, need a permit.

Judge Stallman not only denied all these requests from the City, but he
meticulously explained his decision and, more specifically, why the named
defendants, including TIME'S UP!, do not need to apply for a permit for
either riding bicycles or assembling in public parks. This is a victory
not only for TIME'S UP! but for the First Amendment rights of all New

You can read the decision yourself at Also, Check out the
New York Times story at

TIME'S UP! would like to thank everyone who helped support us during these
trying months and who will continue to support us in the City's appeal of
the decision. We are especially grateful to our attorneys Norman Siegel,
Deborah Berkman, Steven Hyman and Gideon Oliver who worked hard on this
far-reaching case. TIME'S UP! would also like to thank the hundreds of
other lawyers and legal observers who have stuck in there during the tough
times. The goal of more bicycle -friendly infrastructure in New York City
is within reach, and TIME'S UP! and the bicycling community are gaining
support every day.

Of course the struggle goes on. The City is appealing the ruling, and our
legal costs are high. So we still need your help. Click here to donate