Critical Mass Checkmate

The NYPD have changed tactics, apparently in response to our recent court victory, instead of chase and attack, last night they stalked and intimidated. Pouncing on anyone running a light, blocking traffic, etc. Using dozens of vans, squad cars, scooters, helicopter, etc., their expensive show of force was a poor return on investment of tax dollars.

With this new tactic of behaving legally (except most notably for Chief Bruce Smolka, happily caught on tape last night) we should respond in kind. Let's wait to leave Union Square with a green light, tightly bunched, stop at every red light, moving at a VERY leisurely pace (think Critical Mass Party Crawl with stilt walkers and boom boxes) and slowly spread out to have a "safety zone" of five or ten feet around each bicycle. It then becomes a game of Tetris, and most likely total gridlock. The NYPD will respond by driving a wedge of vehicles through the middle of us, to force us to the sides and free up traffic. We'll SLOWLY turn, waiting for everyone to catch up. The NYPD will start creating gridlock themselves as they try to block or out maneuver us. Eventually we end up at a nice party somewhere and NYPD chalks up some overtime pay and wonders why they still don't have a contract with the city. The citizens, miss their dinner appointments, Broadway plays, etc. and start complaining. Rinse and repeat every month, its getting warmer and we should get a typical many hundreds of bicycles as we go forward.

We're increasing the number of video and legal observers (thanks guys!) and by spreading them out, we'll continue winning court cases. Especially if the NYPD gets frustrated and starts aggressively breaking the law again.

When the NYPD stops harassing us, we can go back to being a safe, fast moving blip through town (like every other major civilized city) and won't have to be an ever more expensive blood clot. I personally long for the rides after 9/11 when NY's finest were our allies, not our adversaries.