This is how it will work. Each week (we'll try out
best!), will send out a list of events to
the Support Daniel Announcement Listserve
[ ] This list
will be events that Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan have chosen to
be good outreach points. We will ask that people who are interested in
tabling, handing out flyers/stickers and talking to people at these
events then email and commit to attending the
specific event. You can download a copy of the main support flyer at and we will
make large volumes of copies available to people in NYC who want to
flyer. New designs of flyers and a large batch of stickers will be
coming soon as well. Some of the events on these lists will be one-time only
while there will be a definite on-going events list as well.
We are hopeful that this project will raise awareness of Daniel's case
and find people who want to support Daniel through this difficult time.
We also, of course, ask that people engage in consistent outreach with
people who may not identify as activists. Good places to flyer [leave
flyers at/hand them out] are your workplace, with family and friends,
union meetings, churches, vegetarian restaurants, health food stores,
parties, bulletin boards etc.
Thanks for your support,
Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan