The next stage in the re-colonization of Africa: Disintegration of Sudan

Propaganda Campaign

Sudan faces a strong propaganda campaign built upon years of preparatory propaganda. While much of what is put out against Sudan can be relatively easy proven misrepresenting or plain wrong, the effects of propaganda are largely unshaken by those realities and succeeded to bring about the desired effects. The credibility of Sudan's position in the propaganda world was already destroyed before it could even get itself heard.

The template used against Sudan seems very similar to that being used against Yugoslavia, with elements borrowed from other campaigns like those against Afghanistan and Liberia. The propaganda focuses on 'genocide', 'humanitarian emergency' and 'ethnic cleasing', with the Sudanese government being largely declared responsible and the 'Janjaweed', demonized beyond recognition (Arabs, terrorists), to construct a 'international responsibility' and build justification to pressure and intervene against Sudan.

The main forces working for destabilization and escalation of conflict in Darfur are the USA, Britain and Germany, working hand in glove with NGOs like Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) to promote military intervention with the option of either further submission or disintegration of Sudan.

NGOs and UN targeting Africa

The Darfur propaganda campaign against Sudan is led by NGOs like AI, HRW and Africa Action, but many others joined in. These NGOs operate in the area of information/propaganda and lobbying. In many aspects, these organizations are structually similar to multi- and transnational corporations and multi- and supranational military and political structures, with branches and staff in many countries and a lot of traveling and meetings of the higher ranks, with worldwide interests and reach.

Being multi-million dollar operations, they have to continuously attract volunteers, membership and donations. A successful campaign is one which generates high media visibility and encouragement to financially support the organization. Honest research and reporting are not really part of their agenda nor is balanced and equal application of standards. It's all about effective propaganda which generates money and translates into political power, which is the second major motivation behind their activities.

They are engaged in promoting 'human rights' worldwide, which for them means developing and strengthening supranational legal and justicial structures and enforcement. To achieve their political goals they launch massive propaganda and lobbying campaigns to build up support for

* limiting sovereignty of states and self-determination of peoples,
* using political justice against government officials,
* developing guidelines and procedures of forced regime change,
* establishing broad rules for military intervention and taking over of regions and countries.

With Africa being targeted by intensive destabilization and re-colonization efforts by European countries and the USA, and capitalizing on racist attitudes and disrespect for the integrity and self-determination of African peoples, the favorite prey of their recent major worldwide campaigns were weak African states.

The UN launched its propaganda offensive against Sudan on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the Rwanda genocide. Since then, we are constantly pounded with the theme of 'genocide' and 'like Rwanda', or 'worst humanitarian crisis'.

Ethnization and tribalization of conflict

The ethnization and tribalization of conflict and opening of old wounds and claims is a shameful strategy of pitching peoples against each other and throwing fuel in the fire. It is used to distract from foreign intervention and manipulation and more immediate and practical economic, social and environmental reasons of conflict and aggression.

Examples are the accusations of slavery against the Sudanese Government without solid proof and making up stories, or a more or less black skin based racial division of people (the Arabs against Africans theme). How black does someone need to be and what culture is accepted as African? How many of the Sudanese Arabs are Arabs or Arabized Africans or Africanized Arabs and what would make a Sudanese African or an Arab and African Sudanese? All this seems most ridiculous in the face many generations of racial mixing and social interaction in the same geographical space.

It can be helpful to know about histories, but we should never confuse what happened many generations ago with the immediate realities of today. And while people may define themselves any way they want, it is not acceptable for others to define, speculate and mess with that.

Demonization and sympathy propaganda

We see this kind of propaganda campaign being waged with a clear malicious intent and in preparation and as part of aggression against Sudan. The concept is to present as evil and de-humanize those we are targeting and show suffering victims whom we have an obligation to save and support. We saw examples of this kind of propaganda being waged against Iraq (Saddam), Yugoslavia (Serbs), Afghanistan (Taleban), Liberia (Taylor), or Zimbabwe (Mugabe). This is the demonization propaganda.

Similar in its effects, but a somewhat 'flipped' approach is sympathy propaganda which uses the realities of oppressed victims to generate political support for 'their cause'. Examples for this are E.Timor (Indonesia) or the Kurds (Iraq).

The theme of violence and oppression against woman is often mixed into the streams as supportive propaganda, which seems to be particularly efficient to re-affirm the self-righteous Western societies of their cultural superiority and stir up aggressive emotions.

Just shades of the same

Those who support intervention against Sudan are essentially an accessory to recolonization. It is very sad and shameful to see this happening. Trumpeting for 'humanitarian intervention', which in the case of Sudan means UN/NATO invasion/occupation, is wicked and despicable.

The point is that what we, the people of the Democratic Totalitarian Societies, share, across the political spectrum, is a basic mental condition that makes us think that we know what is best for others and indeed for the whole world. Generally we don't respect and won't tolerate that others want to live according to their own history and ways. There is no hesitation to judge others and violently interfere with their life. The same totalitarian mindset claiming the own principles and values to be absolute, universal human rights and global standards to be imposed and enforced for the best of all, the same myths of progress, freedom and happiness on both sides of the political spectrum. Because they are just shades of the same.