After the march reached Foley Square, participants decided to continue the march well past its end point. As the march continued onto Centre St towards the Brooklyn Bridge, some were radical enough to say "Let's get on the bridge" and proceeded to take the roadway. We got onto the entrance ramp to the bridge and were just about on the bridge when Chief Smolka came running. He and his cronies forced everyone back off the bridge. We then gathered at the foot of the bridge on the sidewalk. There were a couple of hundred people there. The police kept moving closer to us, telling us we had to leave. We refused. The cops then started pushing. We pushed back. A cop then punched a girl, she went down and that started a huge fight between the cops and the people. The people fought back against the brutality. The cops threw people to the ground, so hard that a metal post fastened to the ground outside of the subway station went flying. As people were on the ground, cops still beat them.

We were eventually pushed onto Chambers St but we were still defiant, yelling "Fuck the NYPD" and calling them fascists. We continued to march to Broadway until we got to Broadway and Warren St when scooter cops hooked around us and jumped on the sidwalk, cornering us. We had no choice but to run across the street into oncoming traffic, to avoid the brutality we just witnessed. We were at the other side of Broadway and Warren when the scooter cops drove across the street and rode up onto the sidewalk yet again. This time, however, they reved their engines and pinned several of us against the wall of the Bank of America. We tried to get away, running down Warren St towards Church. One cop grabbed a few of us as we tried to get away from that corner, pushing us with all his might as we tried to get past him. He grabbed me at one point and threw me into the wall of the bank.

The scooter cops were in hot pursuit down Warren St and they sped their scooters down the sidewalk after us. I could feel the scooter on my heels. We got to Church and made a left and tried to regroup, just as more scooters came after us. We started running down Church and found a safe place at a subway station.

The people I was with....just average kids for the most part, were pretty radical and militant. This really shows the capability of what is going on. This issue needs to keep being pushed. We can't let the momentum die after this.

The police fought us and we fought back. We protected each other.

Much respect to those I ran with.

If anyone has any photos or videos of the incident, do get them out there.

"police everywhere, justice nowhere."