By peace cooperative

[This petition published in Attac Germany’s Sand im Getriebe Nr.49, 3/6/2006 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web,  http://www.attac.de/aktuell/rundbriefe/sig/Sig49.pdf]

The US seems resolved to launch an air war against Iran.

This time Washington could succeed in harnessing the European Union (EU) to its war games if citizens do not resist. With all determination, we reject a new war. Even if Teheran strives for nuclear weapons that we also condemn, Iran will not threaten anyone with nuclear weapons for the foreseeable future, despite all the verbal threats of the Iranian Ahmadnedsched that we sharply condemn. A peaceful political solution is entirely possible. However the United States only uses the Iranian nuclear facilities as a pretext for more far-reaching goals.

Iran should be bombed back to an insignificant power to build America’s hegemony in the Middle East. The infrastructure of the land should be bombed along with the nuclear facilities as important Iraqi supply centers like oil refineries and military targets were bombed in 1991.

Through chaos and collapse, the United States will provoke revolts of the Iranian population with all their ethnic minorities and replace the Islamic regime with a regime friendly to the US. Since the US is militarily present in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US aims at complete control of the sources of oil and transportation routes in the whole Middle East.

On account of its hegemonial interests, the US government is not afraid of endangering world peace and risking an extensive fire in the region. A war against Iran would have fatal consequences for people in the Middle East and Europe. New ethnic conflicts, civil war between Sunnites and Shiites in Iraq and the entanglement of Saudi Arabia and Syria are very likely. The blockade of oil transport routes and rapidly increasing oil prices can be expected. Only unemployment and suicide assassinations will have boom seasons.

After Washington’s many lies to justify the offensive war against Iraq, the US government needs moral legitimation and the support of EU states for a war against Iran. This legitimation and support must be refused!

We call everyone to resist the planned aggressive war of the US with demonstrations, rallies and resolutions. As part of the worldwide process, we turn against threatening war as the so-called :”last resort.” War is the great terror. We seek de-escalation, non-aggression guarantees and renunciation of force.

We strongly urge the German government and the German chancellor

· Stop all threats of escalation that inevitably lead into war. Refuse all German support for a war against Iran and German involvement in such a war. Champion non-aggression within the EU.
· Speak out for a long-term conference for security and regional cooperation in the Middle East with the goal of establishing a nuclear-weapon-free zone. Take the first steps now!
· Urge nuclear weapon states finally fulfill their obligation to disarm their nuclear arsenals according to Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.