‘This is Forever’: From Inquiry to Refusal
A Discussion Series Dedicated to Understanding the Current Composition of
Political Movements and Struggles Using the Lens of Autonomist Thought.

Presents the First Event in the Series:

Conricerca as Political Action

Friday, June 16th - 7pm - $5 to $10 donation
'Conricerca as Political Action: Inquiry and Italian Social Movements'

@ Bluestockings Books, Cafe & Activism Center
172 Allen St. NYC

After the researcher photographs reality, the moment arises where one can transform it.

This is the main thesis put forth by the concept of conricerca - which is yet another concept that draws its origins in the rich history of Italian autonomia, Italian social movements of the 60s and 70s, and the tradition of workers and militant inquiry.

Conricerca is an inquiry into the contemporary class composition of the working class and social struggle. It is not a sociological or academic tool, but rather one for political and radical action.

The discussion will focus on two aspects of conricerca: first on the roots of conricerca as concept and practice inside the history of Italian operaismo of the 1960s and 1970s; the second part will show the contemporary experiences of militant inquiry, primarily the Precarity WebRing, a project within the EuroMayDay movement.

Join Italian activists Gigi Roggero and Anna Curcio for this discussion as part of the ‘This is Forever’: From Inquiry to Refusal discussion series to be hosted by Bluestockings Books. Visit www.teamcolors.blogspot.com for more information on, and an events listing for, the series.

Speaker Bios:
Gigi Roggero (1973) is a movement activist and a Ph.D. student at the University of Calabria. Roggero is co-author of Futuro Anteriore, Gli Operaisti, and Precariopoli, and author of Intelligenze Fuggitive. He was part of editorial collective for the militant review DeriveApprodi.

Anna Curcio (1971) is a movement activist and doctor in the department of sociology at the University of Calabria. She is co-author of Precariopoli, and author of La Paura dei Movimenti and other articles on Global Movement and Labour Conflicts. Curcio participates in the editorial board of the journal PW_R.