*** Left Turn Magazine Presents ***

From Below and to the Left: The Zapatistas "Other Campaign"
& US Movement Building

For the past twelve years, the Zapatistas' struggle for
democracy and indigenous rights in Mexico has been a major
inspiration to social justice movements throughout the
world,particularly the Americas. The initial uprising in
January of 1994 became a global reference point for the
resistance to the policies of neo-liberalism and corporate

The Zapatistas are now in the midst of their largest
grassroots mobilizing effort, La Otra CampaƱa (The Other
Campaign), which is seeking to build a grassroots movement
"from below and to the left" uniting struggles throughout
Mexico's 31 states. Recently the campaign has come under
serious attack from the Mexican government, including mass
arrests,torture, rape, and several murders.

From June 19-21st we want to invite local activists and
organizers to a conversation with a diverse group of US
based activists who have all recently traveled to Mexico
to cover the Other Campaign and the Zapatistas movement.
We will be discussing the current state of the campaign and
what this means for those of us in the US looking to expand
our own movement building efforts. One thing that the Zapatistas
have always asked of us is that we "be rebels where we are,"
which means building our own movements here in the "brain of the

The event will also serve as a celebration for the
five-year anniversary of Left Turn magazine, a movement publication
which has featured the writings of several of the presenters.

Ashanti Alston, Kristin Bricker, Walidah Imarisha, RJ Maccani


June 19th 7pm [Washington DC]
Cafe Nema
1334 U Street NW
Upstairs Lounge

June 20th 7pm [Baltimore]
The Contemporary Museum
100 W Centre St, btw Cathedral St and Park Ave.

June 21st 7pm [Philadelphia]
LAVA Space
4134 Lancaster Ave