I'm just gonna copy from the NYBMA site, cause they got all the info: Crumpler Bags, that loveable messenger bag company who sponsers us in our events like alleycats and goldsprints is giving you a chance to get free stuff...for Beer. That's right, trade Coopers, Fosters, Chimay (which is French for expensive) for Crumpler Bags, cell phone cases and other of their products. I will also bite from Gothamist ...I should get a free bag!! For the next week, the Crumpler stores are running their famous beer for bags program. The idea is simple: you bring in a specified amount of beer, and they give you a bag. At the end of the week, all the beer is used to fuel a huge party. The nice lady who runs the Spring Street branch told us they've been doing this for years in Australia, but this is the first time they've tried the program in New York. Here is the full trade-in schedule, courtesy of Thrillist (which is:--***thrillist***is a quick, free, 4-times-weekly email that sifts through the crap to find guys the best in gadgets, services, events, restaurants, bars, and travel. Thrillist has two editions: Thrillist New York, which covers everything specific to NY, and Thrillist Nation, which serves up info that every man in America can take advantage of. The Winkler: 4 cans Boddingtons The Bundle: 40oz OE + 12-pack PBR The Aggott: 12-pack Brooklyn LagerThe McBains: 12 cans GuinnessThe Moderate Embarrassment: 1 case Sapporo + 1 bottle Soy SauceThe Barney Rustle: 1 case Coopers + 2 Fosters Oil CansThe Complete Seed: 1 case Leffe + 1 bottle ChimayThe Holy Bean Bag Chair: 1 case Pacifico + 1 bag Limes No word yet on the giveaway party, but we'll post details when they become available. Now remember kids, a case is 24 bottles...not sold at your local Bodega and will feel like a big truck run..so calculate the time and money it takes to get this stuff. If its a big party, I mean they gotta do something with all that Beer. So it might be worth it. We're talking two Crumpler stores in Manhattan---Crumpler, 45 Spring St., at Mulberry St. (212-334-9391)and 49 Eighth Ave., at W. 4th St. (212-242-2537). I believe this runs all week through the 11th of June (next Sunday) but check it out before you lug a case of Coopers cross town. Feel free to let me know more details or how your experience went.