The U.S. and South Korean governments will begin FTA negotiations on June 5, 2006.

Join peasant, labor and community leaders from South Korea to protest the trade talks and neoliberal globalization.

The struggle againt the U.S.-S.K. FTA is a key struggle in the global struggle against neoliberalism

U.S.-based organizations from a wide range of sectors have endorsed and will be sending delegates to D.C.

According to former U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman,
β€œAn FTA with South Korea would be the largest for the United States since NAFTA with Canada and Mexico.”

The U.S.-South Korea FTA, if ratified, will have devastating results. It will –
Allow the U.S. to dump cheap imports on the Korean people. Unable to compete, 3.5 million peasants stand to lose their livelihoods.

Get rid of worker protections. Practically overnight 15 million workers will become a dispensable and highly exploitable contingent labor force.
Create more migrant workers, forced to leave their homes and face discrimination in other countries.

Destroy the cultural fabric of South Korea by controlling culture through the market in which potential for profit overtakes the value of human relationships and artistic expression.

Mobilize and Organize to Resist the FTA and Neoliberal Globalization (MORFNG