Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
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Medicare for All: A Prescription for U.S. Healthcare
Paul Krugman
Professor of Economics at Princeton University &
Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times
speaking at a Forum Sponsored by the NYC Chapter
of Physicians for a National Health Program

Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about cutbacks caused by the
rising cost of health insurance or the growing number of Americans who
are uninsured. And not a week goes by that we do not hear about a new
union endorsing Rep. John Conyers single payer health insurance bill
HR 676.The bill would create a publicly financed, univeral, privately
delivered health care program that expands and improves the already
existing Medicare program. A National Health Insurance Program would
save at least $150 billion annually by eliminating the high overhead and
profits of the private, investor-owned insurance industry and reducing
spending for marketing and other satellite services.
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