Chile: Student Protests

On May 29, some 600,000 public and private high school students went on strike throughout Chile, and thousands took over school buildings. On May 30, at least 500,000 students marched in the streets around the country. The protests were met with intense repression: riot agents of the militarized Carabineros police arrested 725 people and beat up two television camera operators and a news photographer. At least two students and nine police agents were also injured. The mobilization, called by the national Coordinating Assembly of High School Students (ACES), is the largest student protest in Chile since 1972. The movement, which picked up intensity in mid-May [see Update #851], is being called the "Penguin Revolution" because of the uniforms the students wear. [AP 6/4/06; Europa Press 5/31/06; Adital 6/1/06]

The students are demanding that university entrance exams and student bus passes be provided free of charge, and that Chile's Constitutional Organic Law on Education (LOCE), which dates from the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, be reformed. The students say the education law leads to a quality gap between public and private high schools. [DdC 6/3/06]

The protests continued on May 31 and June 1; at least 20 people were injured and 1,000 arrested over the three days. [Diario de Cuyo (Argentina) 6/3/06] Organizations including Amnesty International expressed concern about the repression, noting that most of those arrested were minors, and that female detainees reported being sexually assaulted Carabineros agents. [Adital 6/1/06] ACES agreed on May 31 to bring legal action against the Carabineros for using excessive force against peaceful demonstrators. "We have videos, we have pictures, we have no problem handing over these images to public opinion," said student leader Maria Jesus Sanhueza. [Notimex 5/31/06]

On May 31, after meeting with Socialist President Michelle Bachelet, national police commander Gen. Jose Bernales announced that Carabineros Special Forces chief Osvaldo Jara had been removed from his post because agents under his command committed "unacceptable excesses" during the May 30 march. Jara was replaced by Col. Patricio Reyes, director of the School of Noncommissioned Carabineros Officers of Chile. [AFP 5/31/06; Notimex 5/31/06]

On June 1, Socialist President Michelle Bachelet proposed making the university entrance exam free, and the bus pass free for low- income students, and pledged to promote a reform in the law.
Early on June 3, after a day of intense meetings, student organizations agreed to reject Bachelet's offer and proceed with a general strike on June 5. University students and professors say they will support the strike. ACES called on all of Chile's social organizations to join with students in what is being promoted as a "day of peaceful reflection." The government "will not accept any kind of pressure," insisted Bachelet on June 3. [DdC 6/3/06; ABC Color (Paraguay) 6/4/06 from ANSA, Reuters, EFE, AFP] The National School and Tourism Transport Guild Federation (Fentetuch) has called on all its members to observe the June 5 strike in solidarity with the students. [El Mostrador (Chile) 6/4/06]

Meanwhile, on May 26 four imprisoned Mapuche rights activists decided to end their hunger strike at a Temuco hospital after a committee including prisoners' family members and traditional Mapuche authorities (lonkos) engaged in intense negotiations with Socialist senator Alejandro Navarro. The prisoners' health is failing after some 70 days on hunger strike; they were transferred to the hospital's intensive care ward on May 26.
[Adital 5/29/06]

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