Making Waves

Making Waves

This episode is work safe.

Interview with Michael Lahey, director of the Making Waves documentary.

We discuss what Making Waves is about; low-power FM radio; micropower radio and pirate radio; licensed and unlicensed radio stations; radio personality Shane Eden; Clear Channel and Infinity; the Telecommunications Act of 1996; a hypothetical situation if you started an independent radio station and the FCC wanted to shut you down; civil disobedience; Radio Limbo; if the radio airwaves are publicly owned and it is legal for citizens to start a radio station, why are the airwaves controlled by corporations and citizen radio stations shut down; the National Association of Broadcasters; National Public Radio; adjacency spacing; why he focused on independent radio stations in Tucson; the difference between KRVL and KOPC; KRVL co-Founder, Marshall Home; getting Radio Limbo founder David Forbes to appear in the documentary; Radio Free Lenawee founder Pastor Rick Strawcutter; Pastor Strawcutter’s video on how to start a pirate radio station; the status of Radio Limbo, KRVL, KOPC and Radio Free Lenawee since the documentary has been completed; insights he has gained about the future of low-power FM radio stations; Senators McCain and Leahy’s Low Power Radio Act of 2004;; why would somebody start an unlicensed and independent radio station; Free Speech TV on the Dish Network.

Featured song is "FCC" by 137.


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