Next month, Jason Robbins is set to face trial for the bogus charges
he received at the scene of a home demonstration last December.
Although the charges are completely fabricated, Jason is facing a
maximum of over 30 years on a myriad of misdemanor and felony charges.
While both Jason and his lawyer are optimistic about the chances for a
not guilty verdict, the fact remains that in order to secure this
victory Jason must be able to pay his attorney to defend him.

We are fully aware that the State has been cracking down on activists
in a big way the past several months, and that people are stretched
very thin trying to help out all of our political prisoners - both
financially and emotionally. To that end, instead of just asking
people to donate, we thought we would try an experiment. The
experiment is very simple - the Internet is a vast entity, and news
travels fast. We were thinking "What would happen if everyone this
message reached sent Jason their pocket change?"

Basically, all we are asking is that at the end of everyday, take the
spare change left in your pocket, put it aside, and at the end of the
week, gather it up and send it to Jason for his legal fund. Just think
about it - the possibility behind this is huge. If just everyone had a
dollar to send Jason at the end of the week, with the amount of people
this message is sure to reach, Jason could have several hundred or
several thousand dollars in no time. Of course, we are pursuing other
means of fundraising - Jason does owe his lawyer over $5000, but we
thought this would be a creative way for Jason's comrades who are
already stretched thin to support him.

Please help out by not just collecting your own change, but
encourgaing your friends and family to do the same. Forward this
message widely; print it out and pass it around in meetings or post in
your friendly neighborhood activist space. And of course, forward this
message far and wide online and make sure other people do the same
thing - this experiment won't work otherwise.

You can send your donations to:

Jason Robbins' Support Committee
c/o Philly ABC
PO Box 42129
Philadelphia, PA 19101

For more information on Jason's case, you can visit
www.freejasonrobbins.com or email  supportjason@gmail.com. You can also
donate to Jason's legal fund electronically by sending a payment
through Paypal to  supportjason@gmail.com or  arastore@hotmail.com.


In solidarity with ALL political prisoners,
The Jason Robbins' Support Committee