URGENT: Jersey City Residents need food, water, flashlights
From: "gary broderick"  broderick.gary@gmail.com
Date: Wed, June 7, 2006 2:54 pm

***Please forward to all in North Jersey area

Jersey City Residents at 182 Central Ave. have been without
electricity for three days now. Much of their food went bad. I'm not
sure the whole story, but they have a bum landlord and the city is
threatening to kick them out because of a fire hazard, without it
being clear if they'll provide temporary housing. I just came from
the building, people are standing in the hallway shivering and some of
them haven't eaten for two days. The tennants would be grateful if
people could bring water, snacks, food and flashlights. There is a
small chance that they will be moved, please call Yajaira (one of the
residents) if you can help at 201-968-8044.

Thank You,

***Sorry to folks not in the JC area, I didn't have time to seperate
my e-mail list.