Brasil: Lula is tense with new revelations against his friend Pablo Okamotto in the IPC of the Bingos, and classifies of "gossip" the notitia-criminis of the OAB (Attorney's Organization Brasil).
By Jorge Serrão

The "cabinet of crisis" of the Palácio do Planalto entered in panic state. After dissimulating "tranquillity", classifying of "political gossips" the notitia-criminis the OAB against his government, president Lula was very worried yesterday that the revelations against his personal friend Pablo Okamotto, in the CPI of the Bingos, can make his re-election difficult, "in the format of lipstick in the underwear". Lula fears that the report of the commission provokes him more consumings than the the negative repercussion of the riot promoted yesterday in the House of representatives, for 539 people maneuvered by the Movement for the Release of Landless (MLST), led for one of his "friends of cup", Bruno Maranhão, that is National Secretary of Popular Movements of the PT.

The Office of the general attorney of the Republic and the IPC of the Bingos had received a report from the Council of Control of Financial Activities, of the Treasury department, that complicates the life of the president of the Sebrae, Pablo Okamotto. Of the total value put into motion by the company Red Star (Red Star), R$ 27 a thousand had been identified by the COAF as deposits effected by the Party of the Workers in the current account of the legal entity of the Okamotto family. This means that the account of the company received from the PT almost similar value to that Okamotto paid in debts for Lula (R$ 29 a thousand and 400 Reals). So far, Okamotto did not justify as he paid the debit of Lula to the party. And the Supreme Federal Court does not allow that his banking secrecy is broken.

Besides knowing, by COAF, that R$ 645 a thousand put into motion in the current account of the Red Star, in the Bradesco, between May, 2002 and August, 2005, is "incompatible with the patrimony" and with the "financial capacity presumed of the customer", the IPC of the Bingos yesterday got another information that compromises the past of Pablo Okamotto and touches in the heel of Aquiles of the PT: the Celso Daniel case. In closed deposition in the commission, Joacir das Neves, former-security of Comendador Arcanjo, recognized a photo of Okamotto as one of the frequent interlocutors of Arcanjo João de Oliveira, the powerful boss of the organized crime, in Mato Grosso, that is imprisoned.
Besides compromising Okamotto, Joacir das Neves confirmed to the IPC of the Bingos that the death of mayor Celso Daniel was ordered by the group of people who, during the management of the petist in the City hall of Saint Andres, extorted entrepreneurs to make unreported funds for the PT. The deponent compromised another direct assessor of president Lula: his head of cabinet Gilbert Carvalho. In accordance with Neves, the deviated money was delivered to then by the former-secretary of government in Saint Andres, Gilbert Carvalho. Later, the "mount of money" went for then the president of the PT, Jose Dirceu, who repassed the resources to Arcanjo. The Comendador, in turn, "washed" the money of the corruption and returned it to the PT.

Joacir das Neves guaranteed to the IPC that Daniel was killed because he did not agree to deviating part of the money destined to the party to take care of the particular interests of the group that had placed in practical the project. The former-security guard of the "Comendador" disclosed who would have ordered the execution of Daniel to the Comendador: the entrepreneur Ronan Maria Pinto, the former-security guard of the mayor, Sergio Gomes da Silva (the Shade) and the municipal former-secretary of Public Services of Saint Andres, Klinger Luiz of Oliveira Souza. In the version of the former-body guard of Arcanjo, the Comendador would have indicated Jose Jesus de Freitas, assassinated in October, 2002, for the kidnapping. But as Freitas he would not have accepted the task, Shade would have looked gunmen of the Pantanal slum quarter, in the verge of Diadema with São Paulo.

After hearing the witness, the president of the IPC, senator Efraim Moraes (PFL-PB), had sentenced: "there is no doubt that it was an ordered crime". The senator congregates today with the leaders of the parties to talk about the voting of the report. Efraim confirms tomorrow as the date for the session destined to the presentation of the final report of the commission. The reporter of the CPI, senator Garibaldi Alves Filho (PMDB-RN), alleged time lack to conclude the text, that must suggest the compromising of Pablo Okamotto, Jose Dirceu and Gilbert Oak, compromising the government Lula. The final report will be voted only at June the 20th, because next week begins World Soccer Cup. The integrant ones of the IPC will have until June, the 14th to present suggestions of change to the reporter.

The president of the ICP wants to prevent the repetition of that occurred in the voting of the final report of the IPC of the Post offices, when the petist member of the house of representatives Jorge Bittar (PT-RJ) offended the president of the commission, senator Delcídio Amaral (PT-MS). Efraim and Garibaldi had informed that they will not accept to promote substantial alterations in the text to guarantee its approval. Garibaldi said that he prefers to see the IPC to conclude its works without the approval of the final report than to see the approval of a document that does not translate the inquiries made for the commission.