On June 27 New York's business leaders, elected officials and taste makers will convene at the Independent Film Center for the world premiere of the long-awaited documentary film Contested Streets: Breaking NYC Gridlock. Until then, Transportation Alternatives is making a limited number of DVDs available for purchase and to those interested in hosting living room screenings. Contested Streets is a Transportation Alternatives co-produced documentary film that chronicles how New York City was overwhelmed by vehicular traffic and explores how, by learning from recent innovations in London, Paris and Copenhagen, New York City can reclaim its public spaces, boost street performance and secure its place at the forefront of the global economy. "If New York is focused on this [traffic congestion] and paying any attention at all, then they've got a good model to follow in London." The film features interviews with: Bob Kiley, former CEO, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and recent Commissioner of Transport for LondonKenneth T. Jackson, President, New York Historical Society; author, Encyclopedia of New YorkKathryn Wylde, President and CEO, Partnership for New York CityMajora Carter, Executive Director, Sustainable South Bronx, recent recipient of MacArthur Genius AwardFred Kent, President, Project for Public SpacesAnd many more. See who else is featured in the film and check out the trailer. Want to see it for yourself? There are two easy ways. Buy the DVD. The DVD contains the 57-minute documentary as well as extras such as extended interviews and a short film about Enrique Peñalosa, the visionary former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia. Special rates for T.A. members. Host a living room screening. The power and vision of this documentary can help transform New York City streets, but only if people actually watch it. For this we need your help. Gather up a few friends, colleagues, members of your block association, etc. and host a screening in your living room, local coffee shop or community center. We'll provide you with a copy of the DVD and all the materials you'll need to host a successful event. It's a great excuse to bring folks together and start the conversations that will forever change the way people think of streets and transportation.