Al-Zarqawi and the ‘Superpower’
by nano Thursday, Jun 8 2006, 11:07am
international / mass media / commentary

The Australian ABC has posted a bulletin announcing the death of the Jordanian punk, Al-Zarqawi, a petty criminal elevated to a position far beyond his street gang mentality, capability or stature! The ‘headline’ of June 8, 2006, reads:

“Terrorism in Iraq 'not over' despite Zarqawi death
US President George W Bush says American special forces "delivered justice" to Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, by killing him in an air strike.”


The world’s single “uncontestable” ‘superpower’ has been at war with a man it helped create [Hollywood Style]. The Straussian doctrine outlined by Perle and Wolfowitz to the PNAC members/signatories is now short one antagonist; but the show must go on hence you will note the inverted commas of the headline ‘NOT OVER’ (my emphasis). Trotsky would be proud; a minor re-arrangement of Jewish philosophy from perpetual revolution to perpetual war is not an issue for Zion and its adherents. Permanent war, is a perversion of the Trotskyist doctrine of “permanent revolution”, but why worry about minor details it’s an all Jewish ideology and Trotsky, Leo Strauss and his two most infamous students Wolfowitz and Perle are certainly not Baptists. No doubt the anti-semitic lobby will prevent anyone from making the obvious connection and publishing it in the mainstream media.

Even an untrained observer unaffected by the hype of the headlines could determine a clear picture of social management behind the ‘terrorist threat’. Take for example the absurdity of the world’s leading military nation/superpower in pursuit of one man for two long years. Either the ‘show’ could not end until the final act or we have one hopelessly inept superpower. If we include a twenty-five million dollar bounty the situation then enters realms of fantasy (hyper-realism) that only Americans and the feeble minded would accept.

All reports and profiles of Al-Zarqawi do not place him in the criminal genius category. Murdering thug and street crim maybe, but to evade the limitless resources of western agencies for two long years is out of the question unless of course the situation was managed to keep a population distracted, fearful, and compliant while precious resources were plundered and illegal invasions justified.

We have all noticed how helpful the Bin laden family has been to the Bush family especially when Dubya required a little boost during critical elections! Arrest Osama, maybe then the Bush administration may gain some credibility, but an oil cabal is not easily betrayed or eliminated.

The so-called international terrorist threat amounts to a disorganised bunch numbering less than a Mafia family in any one State of the USA. However, American hype and Zarqawi style build-up of a “threat” is helping to create a continuing real minor threat at best – that is the present reality, much to the consternation of the neo-cons.

If we are expected to believe that a handful of fanatics and zealots can hold the USA and other members of the coalition of willing criminals to ransom then expect to be learning Mandarin in the near future. The world obviously belongs to China.

Terrorism today either indicates the worlds most brilliant handful of criminals, a staged event or the most incompetent superpower the world has ever known – take your pick!

The world can’t wait for the next ‘B’ grade movie effort from America – any volunteers for the part? We have learnt not to trust any media ‘deaths’; Zarqawi may now be enjoying a new identity and a life of debauchery in Finland!

Have you seen the picture of a dead Zarqawi after the total demolition of the target – not a scratch on the face? Just a bit too perfect for most analysts; but they also botched the JFK murder.

Only in America!