A Consciousness-Raising for Women of Color:
Women, Are You Angry?

Has anyone ever told you to lighten your skin? Have you been pressured to straighten, relax, lighten, dye, perm or otherwise “fix” your hair? To lose or gain weight? To wear “feminine”/ traditional/ Western/ uncomfortable clothing or shoes? Have you ever changed your appearance for others?
If and when you have, who benefits?

Join us to analyze these and other unfair beauty standards from our own personal experience and address ways to combat our oppression as women of color!

When: Saturday, June 17, 2006, 2:30-4:30 p.m.
Where: 2504 Broadway at 93rd St., Advent Lutheran Church:
1, 2, 3 train, or B, C to 96th Street.
Cost: $5-10 suggested donation

This meeting is open to all women of color. We will use consciousness-raising as a tool to analyze our experiences with racism and sexism in our daily lives and learn about the current work of women’s liberation groups.

Free child care available on site
No one will be turned away for inability to pay.
For more information, contact us at 646-285-1723 or  woccnyc@yahoo.com.

The Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) is an organizing think tank composed of women of color associated with Redstockings of the Women’s Liberation Movement and Gainesville Women’s Liberation. We believe that women of color involved in women’s liberation must also meet separately in order to address problems specifically affecting women of color.