Nerds know our trusty readers have not been getting very much news lately--that's because NYU is on summer vacation and GSOC's picket-line action is in "recess." After all, pretty much all the summer positions at NYU for graduate student employees are actually not represented by GSOC (most summer teaching, for instance, is paid as an adjunct job). But that doesn't mean our campaign is at a standstill. Here are some things you can do to help: 1. Ask your congressperson to add his or her signature to the open letter to Sexton. While you are at it, forward the information about the letter to your friends and relatives across the country--it will only take a minute for them to send letters, and the more signatures we get (especially from out-of-the-way places) the better. But send it to local representatives as well--they should know that tons of their constituents value their support of GSOC. 2. Don't forget about the sign-on letter from Senators Clinton and Schumer. Ask you senator to sign it, and send it to friends and relatives across the country so they can ask their own senators for a signature. If you are in New York State, write to Clinton and Schumer and tell them how much you appreciate their support of GSOC. 3. Donate to the Strike Fund. Local 2110 did a great job funding GSOCers who were not paid this spring, but remember that pay cuts will continue in the fall and the strike fund needs time to build itself up so GAs can be funded then. Additionally, some GSOCers were denied employment this summer because of their union activism--a tactic on the part of NYU's administration which would be considered an unfair labor practice if we still were recognized by the NLRB. 4. Spread the word about NYU Exposed, the website that tells alumni and others about the corrupt inner workings of NYU. On the website, you can sign up for updates. 5. Are you an NYU alumn or current student at any of NYU's schools? Then write to the alumni giving representative for the school from which you graduated or will graduate and pledge not to donate even one cent to the university until it negotiates a new contract with GSOC. This makes a bigger difference than you might think--university rankings systems like US News incorporate the alumni giving rate into the rankings they compute, and this has traditionally been one of NYU's weak spots in the rankings. While you are at it, forward a copy of your email to Sexton. 6. Make sure to keep reading Nerds and keep telling your friends and aquaintances all the dirt on NYU.