This just in from B-Girl SeoulSonyk, from Breakin' in Style. I co-sign on all counts (except the injury...I think she's faking) : sorry for the late notice, but i've been caught up in some work... just wanted to send this out to those of you who expressed interest in knowing about the bboying events going on in the city. i am still officially on the "injured list" but i will be going to coach my crewmates entering the 2-on-2 bgirl battle. i'm gonna get there around 8:30pm. judges are the legendary prince ken swift and buddha stretch. DJ DPone is one of the best breakbeat djs around. it's in lower manhattan (as opposed to the BX or BK)...if u haven't been to a bboy event but always wanted to, this will be a great event to attend. Rock Till U DropSat., June 10Chameleon Studios353 Bway (4 blocks south of canal)doors open @ 8pmBattles start @ 9pm$10 before