The Warriors
An editorial
Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

War, should be the last resort of any President, be they Republican, Democrat, Green Independent or Socialist-Constitutionalist. There is a motto used by the men of the 101st Air Cavalry Division some forty one years ago in a sliver of a back water country called South Vietnam. It was this “We don’t start fights, we finish them”. I want to make it very clear that I support our soldiers, sailor’s, marines and airmen and their families, an also to the families of fallen. It is one thing in the eyes of this Marine to chase down the rabid Dog’s who murdered our people on that clear September day in two thousand one, we had many hero’s that day on the ground and in the air. Firemen, Paramedics, policemen, it will be a date America will long remember September 11,2001 as America awake to find our country under attack. Both in Washington and New York, we saw soldiers, sailor and marines and airmen at the Department of defense try to rescue their fallen comrades from the burning side of the Pentagon headquarters of the department of defense. It was disaster we should have seen coming. The National Security Administration and The Central Intelligence screwed the pooch as we say in the corps. United 93 all forty-six passengers and crew gave their lives and fought back so they would not be used as weapon. They gave their live so others may live, and see their families.

George Bush, the newly elected President however used this day and the fact that we lost thirty-five hundred men, women and children, as his own personal Gulf of Tonkin, a man who never saw war, even as a pilot of the Texas Air Guard. He never the blood on the land, bodies bullet ridden, charred remains of tankers who jumped from their tanks after be hit with a savo round and it burst into flames. “We who have seen war will never stop seeing, in the silence of the night we will always hear the screams; for we were soldiers once and young” closed quote Joseph Galloway UPI reporter embedded with the First Battalion, 7th Cavalry under command of Lt. Col Herald Moore (Lt General Herald Moore USA Ret.) at the Battle of the Ardrange Valley also known as the Valley of death.

For a president who has started a war with a country that in all respects could not fight it’s way out of a paper sack, a man who in most respects has never seen death at the hands of War. A man who has never seen a city destroyed by bombs or the rotting flesh of the dead on both sides, allied dead one hundred and fifty; American dead twenty four hundred and climbing. Iraqi dead thirty-nine hundred and fifty and climbing, he picked a fight with a country that made no aggressive moves against the United States, this administration said and I quote we have given the Iraqi people the gift of freedom. In the eyes of this Marine all we gave them was the gift of death. In a bloody sectarian civil war, every day mosque are attacked shrines attack as shia and Sunni kill each other with us and our allies caught in the middle so far eighteen thousand men and women wounded or maimed and changed forever.

What lead up to this war I call the sea of lies and fantasy made up by then Condoleezza Rice, National Security advisor and George Tenant former Central Intelligence Agency Director. They claimed that the administration in Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, connections to the rabid dogs that attacked us on the 11th of September. He lied to the house and senate oversight committees on the Armed Services, he lied to the United Nations Security Council, and he lied to the Defense ministers of NATO all by designee in one former Secretary of State Colin Powell (General, USA ret.) I am sure most of you know in the press why the general resigned his post for reasons unknown to all of us.

He knew that all of this death in Iraq was made up bull frack, all the intelligence, all the evidence was an out right lie. We should have kept our eye on the bull’s eye Osama Bin Laden and his group of rapid Dog in the ATO no we chase our tails around in Iraq. Were losing warriors and civilians and allied IED on road ways within city’s an what have we gained nothing absolutely nothing have we gained just two thousand five hundred graves in Arlington and families who have lost son’s, daughters, brothers, sister’s, fathers and mothers. Iraq was a lie and for Hidepha lets not blame the Marine, like any military the buck stops at the top with the man who put them there; George Walker Bush a so called leader who had never seen or heard the sounds of war or seen the dead along side the road ways. Afghanistan yeah we should be there hunting the Rabid Wolves who attack us on September 11, 2001, a man whose leadership was one miss step after another with Katrina and Rita ; were our National Guard should have been not in Iraq getting killed. His leadership economically is a disaster, a first for everyone the disintegration of a country’s government piecemeal, there is a revolving door as secretary’s resign and leave left and right. George Bush is a mockery of leader to this writer and the reason the Hidepha Massacre and the deaths of twenty five hundred and fifty allied and American soldiers and the wounding of over eighteen thousand soldier, marines and airmen and the deaths of forty thousand Iraqi. Yes Hussein had tactical surface to surface missiles (SCUDS) which he put mustard gas war heads on and used on his own people. The Stallin of middle-east, who by fact we supported in eighty when Iraq had its war with Iran which lasted eight bloody year and millions of dead and wounded.

Yes he was butcher, and yes he murdered his own people and yes we had to throw him out of Kuwait with an allied army. In 1990, his father was a leader he is not, for only a fool picks fights and starts wars and a blood bath. He claimed that they had bio-chem and were close to nuclear weapons this was bull frack and now it’s costing lives it should not be Iraq should have never happened in two thousand and three, forty thousand Iraqi can be added to their own dark marble wall of War dead and thousand wounded or missing both civilian and military. American we are running out of space on the Washington Mall for monuments to fallen warriors. It is one thing to die in the defense of freedom and another to die in foolish follies of a President who could not lead a johnney detail without direction written on the bottom of a boot, supposedly Harvard gave him an MBA, he could not run a Dallas – Fort Worth Whore house never mind a country and his brother is just as stupid and if he gets elected run for Canada.

Admiral Constantan Q Stark, High Guard chief of staff said and I quote

“Here’s everything I know about War somebody wins, somebody loses and nothing is ever the same again”
Here in America under the leadership of George W Bush, nothing will ever be the same again.