“My name is John Marshall. I was exposed to DU ("supposedly" depleted uranium). I am 100 percent disabled and I am pissed-off. In fact, I was advised by a couple of my counselors not to do this [interview] because I’m so angry with the government—at the VA system, at the way I’m treated and other veterans are treated. It’s very impersonal. They don’t give you any time. They ask us to go fight their wars, do the dirty work and then they can’t take care of you.”

Most people don’t believe the U.S. has been poisoning its own troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, or they’ve heard about uranium “tipped” bombs—like fingernail polish painted on the outside of a shell casing. On the contrary, these are solid uranium core projectiles.

“I got a thank you (letter) from some lieutenant colonel. ‘Thank you for serving our country. We express our deepest gratitude but we believe you were one of these men who were exposed to depleted uranium either through shrapnel or inhalation of dust.’

“I’m 35, I take 17 medications, I’ve had cancer—lymphatic cancer, Hodgkin’s disease—Lennert’s lymphoma was the initial diagnosis—immune system.”

At age 35 John Marshall should be beginning to peak in his career. As a handsome man, married with three children, Marshall exudes energy. He looks strong, earthy, limps a bit on the left, has a thick build with a lean neck and chin. The military was his career. Being exposed to DU has been called a death sentence.

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