Secret Ingredient Found in Coca-Cola, Worker’s Blood!
Daniel Kovalik, Assoc. General Counsel, United Steel Workers

“If we lose the fight against Coca-Cola, we will first lose our union,
next our jobs, and then our lives,” said SINALTRAINAL, Vice
President Juan Carlos Galvis, Colombia. The International Labor
Rights fund and the United Steel Workers launched litigation against
Coca-Cola and its largest bottler in Colombia, Coca-Cola FEMSA,
alleging Coke’s complicity with the Colombian Department of Security
and AUC paramilitaries to intimidate, threaten and ultimately kill trade
union leader Adolfo de Jesus Munera. You’ll hear the facts of the suit
and the latest plans of the US congress to fund militarism in Colombia.
Miser Millionaire Restaurateur Steals Workers Tips
Saru Jayaraman, Dir., Restaurant Opportunity Center
Jennifer Mascia – former Redeye Grill worker
Mir Mamun - fired from Restaurant Daniel

Shelly Fireman owner of 6 famed NYC restaurants, has built
an empire by stealing workers tips, paying less than the minimum
Wage and discriminating against workers of color. Fireman is the
type of employer who won't hesitate to humiliate a worker on shift
or fire a worker on a whim. After years of abuse, workers reached
out to ROC-NY, a restaurant workers' center, which has mounted
numerous demonstrations at various Fireman restaurants &
recently filed a federal lawsuit to recover back wages and tips.
Fireman responded by firing workers and filing suit against ROC
for alleged activities in violation of U.S. tax and labor laws.
Tens of Thousands of Auto Workers Face Bleak Horizons
Ed Pietrowski, Delphi, NY ,Member Soldiers of Solidarity
Jerry Tucker, former Executive Board Member UAW

The most recent Delphi worker buyout deal may cut up to 4/5 of the
33,100 U.S. hourly workers of Delphi auto parts and puts off bankruptcy
court hearings until August 11th. While the union, Delphi and GM signed
off on the deal, Delphi workers do not get to vote. Militant workers in
Soldiers of Solidarity challenge the UAW strategy of settling for buyouts
without a fight and of the security of pensions and other benefits for
workers who accept the terms of the offer. Delphi CEO Steve Miller and
his corporate cronies are finding new and innovative ways to profit by
bankrupting major corporations threatening to and tear apart union
contracts, pension funds and health benefits.
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