The claim that this government is the better economic manager is absolutely ludicrous, anyone can manage an economy based on the ‘drunken sailor’ economic model. The resource boom is the principal reason that Oz is experiencing some stability, the demands of the Asian powerhouses, China and India, promise even greater wealth for this resource rich nation – extracting mineral wealth from the ground and selling it is not too difficult an exercise.

The traditional family unit is at the heart of conservative values, yet Howard has placed a crushing debt burden – never before experienced in Australian social history – on young families! The levels that artificially inflated real state prices reached were so extreme they attracted the attention of international monitors (IMF). Howard stimulated the local housing market to the point where entry into the housing market is no longer an option for some families – this is an (anti) Australian first and there is no valid excuse for this travesty in social policy. Howard has slaughtered the family unit; the crushing debt he places on young families has forced both husband and wife to work longer hours than previously known. Whatever time remains for the children (and quality of life) is extremely limited and of poor quality as both parents teeter on nervous exhaustion. If this is the treatment Howard reserves for his ‘sacred’ institutions it is little wonder he has destroyed Industrial Relations laws and workers rights.

Healthy families require at least one parent to be available for child rearing and support, the social consequences of emotional deprivation on young children are deleterious to say the least. The legacy of Howard’s attack on the traditional family structure will be felt after his death, does he care? Howard’s policies are not conducive to stable healthy family life. If the basic social unit of a society is compromised there is little hope for that society in the future. Howard’s legacy will be an extremely bitter harvest indeed.

Howard imposes artificial hardships on the Australian population when the nation is experiencing growth and prosperity. Australia is a wealthy nation and is experiencing a resources boom at present; there are no excuses for artificially induced burdens. Howard’s (unnecessary) impositions are the result of his adherence to ideological principles totally unsuited for this nation and its small population. Howard betrays his inability to tailor management policies specific to Australian needs and circumstances. The man has never possessed vision or talent only the most deplorable ability to deceive and manipulate the ‘lower’ aspects of human nature. As an individual he is of the lowest order of human being as his behaviour amply demonstrates.

Howard and his ministers display a contempt for the people that can only be described as pathological. Every other nation goes to extreme lengths to protect their citizens regardless of the circumstances or predicaments in which they may find themselves. In stark contrast Howard and his ministers seem to delight in feeding young Australians to the ‘dogs’ and leaving them to suffer at the hands of foreign powers – no other developed nation displays this attitude! This appalling attitude to Australian citizens has also resulted in passport carrying nationals being abused in Howard’s detention camps and deported. Millions of taxpayers dollars have subsequently been paid in compensation to the unfortunate victims of Howard’s stewardship.

Howard resorts to one of his favourite racist remarks whenever he is faced with refugee issues, to paraphrase, “we will decide who enters Australia ..”; sounds tough, doesn’t it? The truth is that the northern and southern maritime borders are as secure as sieves, smugglers, illegal fishers, and other assorted types who illegally enter our waters and shores are fully aware of the poorly patrolled boundaries. The number of vessels captured is only a fraction of the number continually encroaching Australian territorial boundaries and exploiting our resources. Recently, huge commercial fishing boats/ships have been sighted in our waters; the Howard government can only boast two captured commercial Chinese vessels, which were conveniently torched in harbour! Tough comments do not secure our boundaries; policy and implementation succeed where Howard’s tough ‘talk’ doesn’t. In the meantime the Oz population actually believes Howard’s diatribes.

Now to the issue of rampant capitalism, commercialism and exploitation of the public and the ‘Gods’ that Howard serves. A simple glance at your bank statement and the parasitic fee charges is enough to make you spit. Banking fees have now reached the point of obscene exploitation. Howard’s inability to deal with the financial institutions stems from his belief that the people should carry and serve their masters who know what is best for the herd (but especially their own pockets).

Everyone is aware that the quickest path to riches is to obtain a small amount from each individual. Obtaining one dollar per person in any developed nation makes the appropriator a multi-millionaire. My bank statement revealed that not one dollar was appropriated for the maintenance of my account but, FIVE! How easy it is to ride the backs of the average Aussie! Why engage in the very competitive and difficult world of financial trading, which is the traditional form of income for banks when it is far easier to ride the backs of the poor average citizen. Any Australian leader with an iota of Australian consciousness would have curtailed the banks outrageous fee impositions. Howard’s inaction is the clearest indictment to date.

International shame and degradation of Australia’s once good reputation is a realised legacy of Howard's leadership. His cowardice is legendary, particularly in Asia. Howard kowtows to every world leader that attacks him but his most famous ‘cave-in’ is with the leadership of Indonesia over the West Papuan refugees, the slaughter of five Australian journalists in East Timor and the surrender of Australian youth to Indonesian authorities to face an horrific future. Most world leaders display some courage and strength, not so John the coward Howard.

I was conversing with a member of our armed forces recently and couldn’t help but ask his opinion of our national leader – I would mention that I respect our very well trained and extremely capable military who perform admirably in the circumstances (Howard’s subservience to other nations). Try as he might he was unable to hide his disdain for the coward Howard. In an effort to compose himself, he stated, “it’s a pity that we are led by a coward, it’s a bad reflection on the services!”

If you wish to add to the list of Howard failings you are at liberty to do so.

That aspect of human nature that is easily duped and led has always intrigued me. If you are not in that category please link or forward this paper to others who share traditional pre-Howard Australian values.