As Sheila Samples, former US Army Public Information Officer, points out in 'Project for a New American Cemetery', "In the only evidence of support I am aware of, just months after getting his war on, Bush opened a new $30 million, state-of-the-art, 70,000 square-foot mortuary at Dover to support the troops, or what is left of them, when they are sneaked back to the states under cover of darkness. Since then, he has sent America's sons and daughters unprepared and unequipped into a raging guerilla insurgency with orders to kill anything that moves." And, as most Americans now know, they were sent into Iraq not to avenge 9/11 or "bring democracy to Iraq", but to further the Bush regimes world conquest empire building and whatever bizarre religious mission the far right may be entertaining.

The chicken hawk Repugnicans do not give a damn about the lives of U.S. soldiers. In fact, they don’t value peoples' lives much at all, except for their own. Assistant Secretary of State, Colleen Graffy, recently described the suicides of three Guantanamo detainees as a "good PR move to draw attention" Where do they get these people?? Probably they come from the same place that spawns the likes of Karl Rove and King George himself; a place where image trumps substance, a place where "little people" are expendable pawns and the wealthy and powerful are perceived as the chosen people. And, naturally we suppose, they view each other as great men. Rove said of Bush the other day in New Hampshire, amongst other bullshit, that Bush has demonstrated himself to be a man of integrity, purpose and clarity of vision. Hello?? George Bush’s most recent stunt, sneaking into Iraq unannounced is a fitting example of this twisted self-inflating dynamic. The U.S. media plays it up as some sort of presidential high jinks, a "what-a-guy" moment akin to some sort of lame-ass television reality show, when in fact it’s the only way this criminal can make PR points and travel around safely.

Now, we are about to be treated to some more fabricated news. A Congressional debate, of sorts, on the war and occupation in Iraq is about to take place in Washington, DC. The Dems are already divided and waffling. The Repugnican chicken hawks (whose children, we remind you, are most definitely NOT in the line of fire) are sharpening their plastic knives. As usual, Russ Feingold is among the few voices of sanity on the Hill, but his chances of prevailing in the Repugnican dominated "debate" are slim to none. As noted by this writer more times than I care to remember, it will take millions of U.S. citizens in the streets or storming the gates of power to put an end to this madness.