Dahr Jamail - Ramadi: Fallujah Redux Excerpts: By now, we all know the scene when the US military in Iraq decides toattack an entire city ... we've seen this standard operating procedurerepeated, to one degree or another, in Haditha, Al-Qa'im, Samarra, partsof Baghdad, Balad, Najaf and Fallujah twice ... so far. The city issealed for weeks if not months, water and electricity are cut, medicalaid is cut, curfews imposed, mobility impaired, air strikes utilized,then the real attack begins. Now in Ramadi, the real attack has begun. ... oday, a man who lives in Fallujah and who recently visited Ramadi toldme, "Any new government starts with a massacre. That seems like theprice that we Iraqis must pay, especially in the Sunni areas. Ramadi hasbeen deprived of water, electricity, telephones and all services forabout two months now. US and government forces frankly told people ofRamadi that they will not get any services unless they hand over 'theterrorists!!' Operations started last week, but it seems that theMarines are facing some problems in a city that is a lot bigger in areathan Fallujah. (Ramadi also has at least 50,000 more residents thanFallujah.) Killing civilians is almost a daily process done by snipersand soldiers in US armored vehicles. The problem that makes it even moredifficult for the Ramadi people than for those of Fallujah back in 2004is that they cannot flee to Baghdad, because there they'll face thegovernment militia assassinations. Nevertheless, the US Army is tellingthem to evacuate the city. On the other hand, the government and the USArmy made it clear that they will bring militias to participate in thewide attack against the city. The UN and the whole world are silent asusual, and nobody seems to care what is going to happen in Ramadi."