Starbucks workers continue to join the IWW despite intimidation, harassment and constant violations of the law.

At 2:45 on Friday, June 16th a delegation of the IWW Starbucks workers union entered Starbucks at 57th and Lexington. Workers on the shop floor put on their IWW union pins and let the company know that they too were members of the Starbucks Workers union. Workers stopped working as they presented their demands to their store manager Patrice Britton. The Store manager refused to take the list of demands and ordered everyone back to work. Workers spoke out and let the manager and customers know their concerns. Meanwhile several wobblies were passing out leaflets outside letting customers know what was happening inside. There was chaos on the floor where the manager was telling workers to get back to work meanwhile customers were asking what was happening and why they weren't being served. There was shouting and arguing. Finally District manager Veronica park arrived and quickly singled out the leaders. Isis Saenz and Charles Fostrum were told to count their registers and clock out. They refused and then taken into the back room. Management yelled at the two to clock out and they continually refused. Isis constantly accused management of anti-union discrimination to which manager Patrice Britton exploded in anger. District manager Veronica Parks even had to calm Patrice down several times when he began to get worked up and out of hand. After 10 minutes workers were finally allowed to go back to work.

This is the 5th Starbucks store in NYC to establish a public organizing committee and make collective demands from the company. some of these demands included a guaranteed 30 hour work week, an end to the 1 minute lateness policy, an end to unfair firings and immiedate action over rodent and insect infestation. Workers also call upon the company to stop all illegal anti-union activity, stop violating federal labor law and to abide by the National Labor Relations board settlement (

Take action!

Call Starbucks management and let them know you do not approve of worker exploitation and the continuing anti-union campaign. Tell them to stop intimidating and harassing workers and allow us our right to organize.

Store Manager Patrice Britton:
Work: 212-486-1632 Cell 917-528-6409

District Manager Veronica Park:
Cell : 201-970-1118

Regional Director Kathy Mcleod:
Cell : 917-862-145 or Work 212-613-1280 ext 2226

Regional VP James Mcdermont:
Work: 212-613-1280 ext 2201