Support Lt Ehren Watada and other resisters of the war in Iraq

Tuesday, June 27, 5 PM (national day of action)
Chambers St recruiting station
Chambers between W Broadway and Greenwich, by 1/2/3/A/C/E Chambers St stop

* * *

The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN), and any other organizations who would like to be involved, will organize a "War Resister Support Station" outside the Chambers St recruiting station (one block from Borough of Manhattan Community College) beginning at 5 PM on Tuesday, June 27.

This is to coincide with a national day of action supporting Lt Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq. More information about his case is available at  http://www.thankyoult.org CAN will be one of many organizations organizing support events around the country on that day.

Our support station will distribute information about the war and war resisters, and will allow passersby to send personal messages of support to Lt Watada and other war resisters. The Haditha massacre, suicides in Guantanamo, 2500th US soldier death, and ongoing U.S. brutality and terror against Iraqis show that -- whether you're already enlisted or not -- resisting this war is the right thing to do. Join us as we send that message to community members and the potential enlistees at the recruiting station -- and show Lt Watada and other resisters the substantial support they have.

For more information, contact:
Heather Squire,  breakmirrors@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field,  wrigleyfield@nyu.edu

From the Campus Antiwar Network