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NEW YORK, NY - George W. Bush is speaking at the 2006 commencement at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY on the morning of June 19. Join Students for a Democratic Society and friends in confronting Bush's criminal acts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The recent revelations of atrocities in Haditha and Ishaqi and elsewhere clearly reveal the barbarity of the US Government's actions. In an effort to end the US war crimes, stop the use of torture and eliminate "pre-emptive" invasions, SDS New York City is calling for a nonviolent protest at the Vickery (Main) Gate of the USMMA at 10:00 AM on Monday, June 19, 2006.

Doug Viehmeyer an event organizer with Bergen County SDS (NJ), said: "The architects of the Iraq and Afganistan wars and occupations are clearly war criminals. While the military personnel are directly responsible for the recent atrocities in Iraq the ultimate responsibility lies with the civilian and military leadership that orchestrated the wars. They must be confronted - and stopped."

"We are asking people to bring noisemakers: pots and pans and other weapons of mass democracy," said Thomas Good of Movement for a Democratic Society, the post-grad wing of SDS. "We are nonviolent but we will not be silent - what we are seeing here is not a liberal democracy gone somehow wrong. This is an emerging fascism and it is our duty as residents of the US to stop the madness," he added.

"What we want people to realize, is that these are mariners, not marines. They didn't sign up to kill or die or fight in an illegal war. They have absolutely every right to resist that war and refuse to fight; and we completely support them in that right. We regret if our presence is at all upsetting the students but we have a duty to speak out when the world's biggest war criminal is in our city," said Brian Kelly, a member of Pace University SDS.

The action has been endorsed by:
Paul Buhle, author and senior lecturer at Brown University
Campus Antiwar Network (CAN)
CodePINK New York City
CodePINK (national organization)
Grandmothers Against The War
Grandmothers For Peace International
Tom Hayden
Charlie Jenks, Traprock Peace Center
Aron "Pieman" Kay
Left Turn Magazine
Dave Lippman, the "Singing CIA Agent", Chapel Hill, NC
Malachy McCourt, author, radio host and Green Party candidate for Governor
Manhattan Green Party
New York City War Resisters League
Cindy Sheehan
Harry Siitonen (member IWW, SPUSA)
The Socialist Party of NYC
Jonathan Tasini, Democratic Party candidate for US Senate (NY)
Paul Zulkowitz (member Green Party NYS)

The event is open to the public.

To get to the US Merchant Marine Academy (security situattion will be tight/fascist obviously , so get as close to the gate as possible on Steamboat road:

By Train:
From Penn Station (34th St & 7th Ave), take the Port Washington branch of the Long Island Railroad to the Great Neck Station (about 35 minutes). Take the "N58" Long Island Bus to the Academy ($2.00 - exact change). IF BUS IS NOT RUNNING CONTACT ORGANIZERS.

By Car:
Long Island Expressway to Exit 32/Little Neck Parkway. Left (heading north) onto Little Neck Parkway for 3/4 mile, to Northern Boulevard. Right on Northern Boulevard/Route 25A. Go east through the village of Little Neck for several traffic lights to the intersection with Great Neck Road. Go left (north) on Great Neck Road, then straight (bearing left as roads fork off to the right). Continue north. The road becomes Bayview Avenue, then West Shore Road (total distance: 2.5 miles). At end of West Shore Road, turn right on to Kings Point Road. At the next stop sign turn left onto Steamboat Road. The main gate is one block ahead.

SDS is an education and social action organization dedicated to increasing democracy in all phases of our common life. It seeks to promote the active participation of young people in the formation of a movement to build a society free from poverty, ignorance, war, exploitation, racism and sexism.


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