What an amazing weekend...again. Rumble thru the bronx was a great event. A fast paced crazy scramble through the bronx with hills, traffic, stairs, off roading in the park, freeways and a phat beach party at the end. Here are some corrections on the winners: best checkpoints:Ninja and the dude in the Van Cortland Park, all alone. Prize, two large bottles of alchol. Top Girl:Erin Dyer-Time: 1:13:51, Prize: Gift Certificate for Fetish Cycle of her choice, Fetish Cycle T. 2nd Place GirlEllen--Prize: Custom bag by Crumpler and Fetish Cycles T-shirt 3rd Place GirlBrooke Dubiu--Prize: Surly Hubs and T-shirt Outoftowners 1st Place-from Portand, Scotty. Prize Gift certificate for Bike Frame from Fetish Cycles 2nd Place-from Boston, Jacob. Prize: Livewrong tshirt and Messenger bag from Crumpler 3rd Place-from Boston, Craig Roth, Prize: Surly Tshirt and wheel set provided by Trackstar. Top Dudes: 1st Place-Alfred won 2 monster tracks and now 2 rumbles...won custom Reload bag and a bike. 2nd Place-Austin from 4916, Time: 1:03:24-Prize bike frame from Fetish 3rd Place-Ken from Pensaltucky...Prize: Level Hubs and tshirts-------------------- Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Squid and Puma were hosting a veledrome race series for two tickets to the Cycle Messenger world Championships in Sydney Australia. The Top male was Alex Farioletti from NYC and team 4916. The top female was Meghan from LA. Both won plane tickets to Sydney. There are two more chances to win in Chicago and NYC. Check here for more details on the series. ---------------------- This weekend is the 24th annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade on Saturday, June 24th. If you want to be in the parade, register on line or show up at 10:00am. Parade starts at 2:00pm Rain or Shine. Once again, this years parade will start on the boardwalk go down to the BOARDWALK, till 16th street and then down Surf ave. Then while your out there...Hugo from 4916, is hosting skids and a track bike tricks contest for cash. Footdown, trackstands, skids...show off your skillz. After that will be an alley cat.-------------------------- In Philly, will be Rocky 4 a race involving a two man team with a sprinter and a stair climber. June 24 - Philly2pm at the steps at the Art Museum (22nd and the Ben Franklin Parkway "roughly"). $20 for teams. (including after party BBQ). All proceeds will go to PBMA to help with the NACCC. Contact dailey@phillybma.org and in Pittsburg...War-haulJune 24 -Registration: 4:00PM at the Warhol Museum. Race: 5:00PM . Cost: $5. Info: dave@pghalleycat.com and then on the 25th in Philly...Tall Bikes and the Juice Deux race.------------------------Then the weekend after that is July 4th weekend. July 1st is a Saturday and it's Bicycle Fetish Day and an old skool alley cat. Bicycle Fetish day is put on by the city reliquary and is basically a permited block party to show off your bicycle. Think old school schwin club and tallbikes and bands and beer. Then there will be an alleycat. Fun, right!? Check out pictures from last years Bicycle Fetish day 2005.