Punch Magazine: The Fox News of the 19th Century …from the Catholic News Service : “Americans have to overcome a negative stereotype of Iran so that they can better assess Bush administration claims that the Muslim nation is planning to build nuclear weapons, said Dave Robinson, executive director of Pax Christi USA . ‘Enemy imaging dominates the U.S. media,’ he said. This makes Americans ‘easy targets’ for accepting a U.S. ‘preventive war’ against Iran rather than a negotiated solution, he said. ‘I have no idea if Iran has or not plans to make nuclear weapons,’ said Robinson. But the U.S. is promoting a fear that plans exist rather than saying it has evidence of a nuclear weapons program, he said... ...Robinson said that since the end of the Cold War the U.S. seems to be looking for ‘new justifications’ to develop its own nuclear weapons ‘instead of scaling back’ weapons development. One justification to use them may be a preventive war to keep other countries from getting such weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, he said. This allows the U.S. to develop tactical nuclear weapons such as ‘bunker busters’ that can be used to destroy what are believed to be secret weapons installations, he said. Robinson said the Vatican and the U.S. bishops have criticized the concept of a preventive war." Unfortunately, too much back-slapping with men in power has obscured their criticism of this illegal and immoral policy. Qui tacet consentit.