…from Wonkette! : "I saw Hillary Clinton and Jeff Gannon having a conversation outside the Russell Senate Building today [5/24] around 3:30. WTF? Last year that clown said she’s divorced from reality — now they’re making nice? Am I the only one who saw it? There were plenty of reporters around. You’d think that at least her Secret Service detail would have kept him away from her. Politics sure does make strange bedfellows." Senator Clinton’s enthusiasm for the Bushling’s war is leading her to strange places. First Rupert Murdoch ... …and now, the White House Plaything… Meanwhile, her own constituents get nothing more than form letters from her office. Does anyone remember when, as First Lady, she complained of a "vast right-wing conspiracy"?... Vast and effective, I suppose. After all, they got her to sign up! I’m planning to vote for Jonathan Tasini in this year’s Democratic Primary.