…as an New York Times : “Irish-language schools and an Irish-language television station are booming in popularity, despite Gaelic's seemingly unpronounceable strings of consonants. And now the language's supporters, who have long bemoaned the impending death of the ancient tongue, have set their sights overseas. The government department responsible for promoting the language began a fund last year that will dole out grants, of up to $36,000, to help international colleges establish programs teach Gaelic. This fall, the local branch of the Fulbright program will, for the first time, send native-speaking teaching assistants to American universities. 'Their immediate response was: 'Yes, yes, yes! We can't get enough teachers!' ' said Carmel Coyle, director of the Irish Fulbright Commission. Four assistants are going to colleges with Irish studies programs— New York University, Boston College, Notre Dame and the University of St. Thomas in Houston."