…as Daily Ireland:

“A British Royal Navy ship that was involved in the invasion of Iraq will dock in Dublin port later this month. HMS Ocean was deployed as part of the British task force supporting the US invasion of Iraq.

The vessel, the British Royal Navy’s largest warship, carried 300 royal marines and 400 air crew during the operation.

It was involved in the helicopter assault during the early stages of Operation Telic.

Operation Telic is the British military codeword for the 2003 invasion and resulting occupation of Iraq…

… A British embassy spokeswoman confirmed to Daily Ireland that the HMS Ocean will dock in the capital on Thursday, June 29…

….Anti-war activists last night criticised the visit of the British naval war ship. 'I would be very concerned about this visit if the ship has been involved in the invasion of Iraq,' said Roger Cole, chair of the
Peace and Neutrality Alliance (Pana).”