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National Action Alert! Trans Day of Action Denied Permits to March and Rally on 8th Avenue During NYC 2006 Pride!

In the wake of growing violence against Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) people, as evidenced by the brutal attack on renowned Singer and Drag Performer-Kevin Aviance, the New York City Police Department and the City of New York have chosen to deny TransJustice’s applications to march and rally on
8th Avenue during NYC’s pride celebrations.

The 2nd Annual Trans Day of Action for Economic and Social Justice includes two highlighted rallies: 1) To protest the discrimination against Trans people who receive public assistance entitlements outside of the 34th Street office of the Human Resources Administration; and, 2) To commemorate the death of Amanda Milan, a 25 year-old African-American transgender woman, who was brutally murdered on June 20, 2000, in the middle of an intersection near Port Authority Bus Terminal as onlookers cheered.

However, during a 2nd meeting with Manhattan South Police Precinct on June 19th, we were told that Trans and Gender Nonconforming people, as well as allies, would not be permitted to march through Midtown Manhattan.

We, now have it in writing and plan to appeal this is in court!

We need activists in NYC and all over the country to do these things!

1) Inundate the following people with emails, calls
and/or faxes:
· Mayor Bloomberg - Fax: 212 788-2460
· Commissioner Ray Kelly – Email
· Midtown South Precinct Community Affairs – Phone:
(212) 239-9846

2) Pack the Stairs of City Hall 1pm press conference on Tuesday, June 20th on NYC City Hall steps.

3) Alert elected officials and the press! Urge them to investigate why the Mayor and NYPD have denied permits for the Trans Day of Action.

4) Come to our work session on Wednesday, June 21st @ 6pm. This meeting is being held in preparation for the June 23rd Trans Day of Action, and will take place at Housing Works – 320 West 13th Street on the 4th Floor.

5) Come to NYC! This is a national call for people to join us at Chelsea Park, in NYC, @ 2:30pm on Friday, June 23rd for the Trans Day of Action Kick-off Rally. The park is located on West 28th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues.

Now is the time to act. We call on ALL social justice activists to join us in showing the New York City Police Department that we will not be intimidated!

Historically, 8th Avenue has been regarded as the place that several LGBT and HIV organizations as well as LGBT nightclubs have called home. TransJustice selected this 8th Ave route to call attention to innumerable members of our communities that work, reside, play, as well as access supportive services,
right in the heart of Midtown.

On June 23rd, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color and their allies will rally and march against police brutality, to oppose the racist and xenophobic immigration policies of the Bush Administration, to show our outrage at the lack of access to living wage employment, adequate affordable housing, quality
education, basic healthcare for our communities, and to demand an end to the devastating impacts of US imperialism (the so-called “war on terrorism”) being waged against people at home and abroad.

Ultimately, TransJustice sees the denial of the march route and permits as part of the ongoing plan of the Bloomberg Administration to repress the progressive political movements of NYC. Now more than ever, TransJustice calls on all social justice activists from the communities of color, lesbian, gay, bi, two spirit and trans movements, immigrant rights
organizations, youth and student groups, trade unions and workers organizations, religious communities and HIV/ AIDS and social service agencies to endorse, build contingents and to help fight for the right to march on 8th Avenue on June 23rd.