Come One! Come All!

To the Summer Really Really Free Market!


· Sunday, July 16th
· St. Marks Church (2nd Ave Bet. 10th & 11th St.)
· Noon to Just After Dusk!

Swap goods (You know, the stuff that is too good to
throw away but you shouldn’t keep), share skills, give
presents, eat food, hang out, dance, sing and have
fun—all for free!

Nothing will be for sale!

There will be Fun! Music! and Food!

The Really Free Market is an open-air bazaar and
celebration, where we discard capitalist notions
of interaction and have fun trying new models of

This will only be as great as you make it. We will
provide the framework; you supply the material.
Bringing free stuff and planning skill-shares are
great ways to get involved.

If you have a skill to share, stuff to give away, a
crazy art thing to do, music to play, an idea for
entertainment or a topic to discuss; email us soon and
let us know what you are planning! Otherwise, plan on
bringing your own table or blanket and coming and
going as you please, and if you want contact us, just

Show up to St. Mark's Church with something to share,
and let this be another step in our movement towards a
really, really free world. Bring friends and gifts,
leave your wallet at home.

Go here for photographs from the last Fall's Halloween


Because there is enough for everyone.

Because sharing is more fulfilling than owning.

Because corporations would rather the landfills
overflow than anyone get anything for free.

Because scarcity is a myth constructed to keep us at
the mercy of the economy.

Because a sunny day outside is better than anything
money could buy.