Hawkins for US Senate
Media Release

For Immediate Release: June 5, 2006

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Hawkins Says US Senate Should Call for
Immediate Withdrawal of Troops from Iraq

Urges Senate to Stop Deployment of Missile Defense Shield
and Oppose Attack on North Korea

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate from New York, said
the debate today in the US Senate over the Kerry-Feingold proposal to
withdraw American troops from Iraq by July 2007 was merely political
posturing by politicians rather than a serious attempt to halt the foreign
occupation of Iraq.

Hawkins also called upon the Senate to pass a resolution barring any attack
on North Korea and to oppose the Bush’s administration’s activation of the
so-called nuclear missile shield.

“The first step to ending violence and destruction in Iraq is the immediate
and unconditional withdrawal of American troops now, not next year,” stated
Hawkins. “The Iraqi armed resistance is fighting the US-led coalition of
invaders. Let the Iraqi people rebuild their civil society and government
free from foreign iinterference.”

“Instead of a militarized energy policy of wars for oil Iraq and soon Iran,
it’s time to cut US military spending deeply and reinvest the resulting
peace dividend in a global public works program to build a renewable energy
infrastructure for the world. Helping the world make the transition to
clean, affordable, renewable energy sources would enhance our national
security by making friends instead of enemies in wars for oil,” said Hawkins.

“Where was the Kerry-Feingold resolution to withdraw the troops within a
year when Kerry was running for president in 2004 when it would have made a
difference?” Hawkins asked.

“Let’s remember that under our constitution, it is Congress, not the
President, which has the authority to declare war. It is time for Hillary
Clinton and the rest of the US Senate to start doing their jobs, to take
back their constitutional war powers, to declare peace with the Iraqi
people, and to bring our troops home. Coming home also means closing our
military bases in Iraq, not using them as permanent staging areas to
militarily dominate the oil-rich Middle East,” added Hawkins.

Hawkins also urged the Senate to oppose the Bush administration’s decision
to activate its nuclear missile shield in response to the potential testing
by North Korea of a new missile. “The Senate should pass a resolution
opposing any military attacks on North Korea, including a missile test.
Instead, the Senate should call for the US to finally sign a peace treaty
finally ending the Korean War. The US should support the six country
negotiations on North Korea’s nuclear program constructively instead of
making unilateral demands on North Korea designed to stall the talks. It is
time for the US government to recognize that its half-century of military
confrontation with North Korea has been counterproductive,” stated Hawkins.

“The solution to nuclear proliferation is not for the US to escalate its
nuclear war capacities with its Star Wars missile shield in order to bully
those it disagrees with. The US should show leadership in reducing global
nuclear armaments by taking unilateral steps to dismantle its own massive
nuclear arsenal,” Hawkins added.

Hawkins recently called on the US Senate to eliminate funding for the
nuclear missile defense program as it began debate on the 2007 Defense
Authorization Bill. Hillary Clinton, Hawkins' opponent, is a long-time
advocate for nuclear missile defense. She has supported President Bush in
seeking increased funding to speed development of a nuclear missile defense

"The Star Wars nuclear missile defense system is a pork-barrel payday for
military contractors. It doesn’t work and doesn’t respond to any credible
threat to this country,” said Hawkins.

“The real purpose of Star Wars is not the advertised defensive shield, but
offensive laser-guided weapons in space with striking capabilities anywhere
in the world. Stars Wars is for gunboat diplomacy in the space age,” added