Reports are in that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is joining the provisional government pending an "unconditional" constituent assembly. They have offered to sequester their arms under UN (!?) supervision, and to dismantle the popular governments in the countryside to allow open political discussion by all democratic trends.

Pending the re-launch of Red Flags, here's an open Nepal thread to discuss ongoing events, post links to news and discuss the ramifications of what's afoot. India's Naxalite movement continues to expand exponentially, And it's not at all clear what the still-existing (formerly Royal) Nepal Army will do with the Maoist move to the center.

Is this a move towards democratic openness on the part of the rebels? Or a capitulation to realpolitik? What is clear is that the rebels are negotiating from a position of strength. Is this an attempt to ground regime change in popular sovereignty, or have the Maoists accepted democratic (bourgeois) right as the best they can achieve under current conditions? Is this tactical or strategic?

Here's what I know for sure: this is an open university of political line and struggle.

Here's a few key pieces:

Baburam Bhattarai writes on the question of the Democratic Republic

Internal Debate Within the CPN(M)
This debate occured before the massive protests that pushed the king from power and the semi-alliance between the "Seven Party Alliance" and the CPN(M).