Call to defend Abortion Rights in Jackson MS. July 15th through August 6th.

“Hither Ye Come but no further”
--Book of Job Chapter 38 Verse 10.

From one end of America to the other, all forms of reproductive freedom are under vicious unrelenting assault from the Right wing. At every turn, in the legislative and judicial arenas, and in the streets, legal rights and factual access to any and all care has been legally and extra-legally harassed.
Today, with the supreme court stacked by an illegal theocrat regime, and trigger laws in place to make abortion illegal at a moments notice, the fury of the right wing will now be felt again on the streets.
In Jackson Mississippi there is a single abortion clinic. It is the last in a state, which once had 7. All others have been shut down by the actions of the theocratic groups.
Operations Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) hopes to shut down this last clinic this summer. Beginning on July 15th, they are planning actions designed to close the clinic for good. They’re stated time frame is by July 24th. On the 30th of July, yet another Anti-choice group, Oh Saratoga, which has worked with OSA before, will attempt the same thing. Together, these two groups hope to end all abortion services in Mississippi. We intend to disappoint them.
For 30 years, the weak and vacillating politicians of the Democratic party have surrendered and compromised away the rights of women. At every turn they have met the fanatical attack of religious fundamentalists with irresolution and capitulation. They can not be trusted to defend the rights of the people.
The Anti-Racist Action Network, a continent wide street level antifascist network is announcing that we will come to Jackson to defeat these fundamentalist nut-jobs. We are mobilizing our activists from around the US and Canada to travel to Mississippi to physically and militantly defend access to abortion procedures and other reproductive care. We are inviting other activists to join us. We are prepared to use any tool in the box to get the job done. We intend to provide some food and housing to traveling activists for the time during and surrounding the events, as well as communication, medical and tactical facilitation. We are somewhat prepared, although we strongly invite those activists coming to join us to bring resources of their own if possible.
We believe that the only way to defeat the rising tide of religious fanaticism in this country is to do so in the streets. Every reproductive right currently possessed by the people was not won in the Congress or the Courtroom. All these rights were won by millions of individuals disobeying in the streets. The weak willed politicians and judges saw fit to rubber stamp the rights people already possessed.
We will give their movement a solid, shattering defeat. That defeat will resonate and help stem the tide of surrender. It is time to take the struggle back to the streets, where the people actually live. We invite you to join us.

For Unrestricted Reproductive Freedom for All.
No Pasaran! Pasaremos!
Asheville Anti-Racist Action.
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