Joe Lieberman has been called Bush's favorite Democrat, and for good reason. Few other people in the US Senate, of any party, has shown as much devotion to the Bush agenda in the Middle East than Joe Lieberman.

For that, Joe Lieberman has found this devotion to Bush's war policies don't go over well with Connecticut Democratic voters. They will be running a candidate, Ned Lamont, against him in a primary in August. So what are Israel lobbyists to do? AIPAC does not send money to candidates. There are other groups that will do that, however. Groups like the pro-Israel New York-based "Hudson Valley Political Action Committee" and "Norpac" a New Jersey-based political action committee that supports pro-Israel candidates. This is where politicians like Joe can turn to for support. Will it be enough for Joe? That remains to be seen.
See story in Jewish Weekly Forward

Together, we can stop AIPAC and the Israel Lobby, and work for real peace in the Middle East.

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