Mexican Grey Wolf

Mexican Grey Wolf

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is destroying yet another family of Mexican gray wolves - even though the agency has identified the species as the most endangered mammal in North America. The male of the recently released Nantac Pack was just shot and killed, and the female is being hunted down right now. Both members of this pack were survivors of past predator control actions.

In 1996, an environmental analysis of the Mexican wolf reintroduction program projected that the population would reach at least 100 animals by the end of this year. However, it is believed there are presently fewer than 40 grown wolves in the wild plus an unknown number of pups born this year.

The federal predator control program wiped out wolves originally, and since reintroduction efforts began in 1998, the program has significantly contributed to the reduction of the census population of Mexican wolves in the wild, from 55 in 2003, to 44 in 2004, to 35 in 2005 - a 20 percent decrease each year.

Within the last month, federal agents killed 11 wolves, including six pups from one pack. A seventh pup was orphaned and likely died of starvation as a result of losing its parents.

Please help us put a stop to this cruel and senseless program! Contact Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne to request an emergency moratorium on predator control directed against Mexican wolves until the population stabilizes and reaches its demographic goal. Send a copy of your letter to governors Bill Richardson (N.M.) and Janet Napolitano (Ariz.), who can both wield influence through their respective wildlife departments.

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